I am an artist working in the Milton Keynes area of the UK.
I have drawn and painted for as long as I can remember. I studied art many years ago in Liverpool back in the dark ages when the Beatles were fab and we could all do the twist without falling over.

I moved to London and for many years had a “proper” job in I.T. (in the days when it was called ADP) and painting was my hobby, but when the arrival of a son and heir necessitated working from home I turned to art and began taking commissions. I painted portraits (pastels) and caricatures (ink & watercolour) from photos. I have completed commissions for clients from all over the UK, Europe and even one or two in South Africa.

Some years ago I moved to Milton Keynes and joined the local art society (Milton Keynes Society of Artists - visit their website via my LINKS page) and nowadays I paint in oils and concentrate on people, animals and still life. I take the occasional commission but I really enjoy painting subjects of my own choosing. I recently joined Buckingham Art for All (BAFA).

I do my oil paintings in a series of layers. Each layer takes about a week to dry so I normally have about 7 paintings on the go. Sometimes a painting just needs a couple of layers and is finished in a matter of days. Sometimes I like to build up 3 or 4 layers or more, adding a bit of glazing here and there before doing the final touches, and the painting will take me between 4 and 6 weeks to complete. It all depends on the subject matter and how I want to portray it.

I exhibit at the Camphill Cafe in Milton Keynes (along with other MKSA artists) and various other short-term local exhibitions. I also exhibit with BAFA at the Woolpack Inn, Buckingham as part of the Bafa Art Trail, and I have paintings at Woburn Art Gallery..